I’m Jonathan.

And I have a secret. I’m making this up as I go.

After years of failed businesses, learning tons of skills, and repeatedly building myself another business I didn’t enjoy…

I decided to pursue what I love. It boils down to two things.

1. The stuff that really matters.

2. Helping others with the stuff that really matters.

I have an uncanny nack for ideas, problem solving, consulting, and helping people with breakthroughs from multiple angles. The kind of breakthroughs that are tipping points of greatness. And I love it.

So I decided to do more of that – and less website building, copywriting, funnel development, marketing strategy, and sales for someone else’s vision.

Because there are so many people where I’ve been. Where success is in their grasp in one area…but another area is slipping into obscurity.

I’ve learned that when I truly pursue my natural desire for creation and expansion…there is only one thing that ultimately matters. How I level up. Who I become. The tactics and strategy are all meaningless without this inner power – because this inner power levels up EVERY area. Business. Relationships. Money. Health. Spiritual connection.

This inner growth is the stuff that really matters. It’s the stuff that returns a life beyond your wildest dreams – not just a life of money, but a life of connectedness, amazing marriages, heroic fatherhood, fit body…everything.

So I pursue that greatness. And help others do the same.





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