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Destroy Your Limits

“But I don’t want to feel alive and glorious in every area of my life, create and build my own business, have gloriously passionate relationships, and stay a lean fighting machine the rest of my days…”  

Then you’re not an Edge-Walker…

What Living A Powerful Life is Like:
  • You can be alone with yourself in the stillness…and love it. Because you’re ok with the person in the mirror.
  • You’re fulfilled by your lover…and they’re fulfilled by you.
  • The better it gets…the better it gets. And you know you’ve got it figured out because your future is only up.
  • You’re doing what you’re passionate about. Stop. That means you KNOW what you’re passionate about…and it’s significant, keeps the cash flowing and you’re in the zone – on fire.
  • There are storms…but you’re in the calm ‘eye of the storm’ and confident.
  • You’re your own boss.
  • You’re living what use to be your dreams. It feels surreal, because it’s awesomely normal.
  • You empower loved ones to pursue whatever they naturally are gifted or passionate about - by being there for them 100%.
  • You don’t have it all figured out…and that’s ok with you.
  • You give life your best – and if you were to die tomorrow…you would have no personal regrets.
  • You have sales and marketing down to a well oiled machine.
  • Your dad is proud of you and trusts you more than he trust himself – even if he won’t say it.
  • You have the influence and power to help top level people make better decisions…and they know it and love you for it.
  • You have an amazing and fulfilling relationship. A top 1% marriage. You’re a legacy builder.
  • You’re a leader that builds leaders – you’re the spark for the expansion of courage and action in other awesome people.
  • Each day is epic – and you can’t wait for it to begin.
  • You’re your own catalyst. You create and control your destiny, because every other option is too small for what you have in your head and heart.
  • You do the work that is required. Every. Single. Day. You get up when you fall.
  • You’ve stopped building others dreams before your own. Now you attract the builders of your empire.
  • Your time is yours to invest. In your family, your whims and your adventures.
  • You can hardly believe what you use to be…and know you will never go back to that limited way of life.


What it isn’t like.
  • Giving up on being the best you that you know you can be.

Hi. I’m Jonathan.

Glad you showed up.

I bet you’re sick of spinning your tires. You’re sick of doing something that drowns you in mediocrity drip by drip…and you’re sick of feeling trapped and unable to tap into the greatness you know is deep inside you.

You know what I’m talking about… Drive. Love. Power. Dedication. Fearlessness. Authenticity. Clarity. Vision. Ambition. Greatness.

You’re made for so much more than what you are living.

And you know it. And it hurts inside.

So why are you still where you’re at?

I’ll tell you why. Because we haven’t met.

I can help.

I’ve been through the ringer. Pursuing “entrepreneusrhip” from the age of 13 and failing for 17 years isn’t a badge to wear proudly.

But I do. Because at the end of the day, you can have all the tactics and strategies you could ever want…you can hack all the marketing psychology and sales psychology…you can have a perfect offer, and amazing product, and the best idea known to man.

But if you don’t have you – present and powerful in ALL areas of life…

You don’t have jack. Money can’t reveal something thats hidden and success without fulfillment is epic failure.

That’s why millionaires pay $1,000,000 for a few hours of time with Tony Robbins.

Thats why 80% of business owners get divorced once they sell their business.

That’s why men buy their kids toys and tutors…but don’t give their heart or their time. (And then wonder why their kids go off the deep end).

That’s why chronic disease (that can be avoided with active and wellness lifestyle) still lands countless in the hospital.

Sure. If you want to dominate one area or two areas…if you want to be buff, rich, have an epic family or be spiritually alive…

You can pull it off. No problem. There are plenty of geniuses out there to lead you.

But that one area won’t bring you fulfillment. You won’t live the epic life the healthy, rich, or spiritually profound promise. You’ll live a broken one until you realize…

Epic comes from firing on all cylinders…and knowing you’re giving it your best each day.

You have to give it all to have it all.

And you’re not stupid. You’ve seen the writing on the wall.

You’ve seen the successful’s empty eyes…still seeking. The family man – broke with more bills. The businessman on his cell phone ignoring his wife. The fitness freak full of self centered ego. The pastor who doesn’t even know his kids…

Are you traveling down the same path, slowly turning into everything you promised yourself you wouldn’t be? Playing one area all out – but letting everything else collapse?

Is each day is a decision? Between giving up on your inner greatness, or still dreaming in something more?

The question I have for you is simple.

What’s you’re answer?

Is your future worth living? Is it worth fighting for? Is it worth getting everything knocked out of you (again)?

Time has waited on you to decide every new day for your entire adult life. And your fuse is only getting shorter.

Dreams are nothing. Decisions, day after day, hour after hour, minute after minute…they are everything.

Give yourself the permission you need. Stop looking for your parents, your friends, your lover, society, your boss to give you permission to be great.

Grab your greatness by the throat and don’t let go.

Because if you’re going to live a life without regrets…if you’re going to make something epic…

It isn’t going to start with a weak ass “I’ll think about it…” or… “I’ll try” .. or “I hope…”

It starts with a decision to burn all bridges. A decision to not go back to mediocrity or settle. A decision to never leaving-yourself-behind. A full throttle attack.

And when that happens…everything changes.

The Most Important Battle

…Is the one in your own Inner Arena.

Getting past your own limiting beliefs? Taking care of your relationships?  Loving yourself? Being authentic and in integrity? Being a LEADER?

That’s the stuff that makes the cheddar.

Ignore that piece…and everything (eventually) rots away from the inside out.

Get the skills around that piece…WHILE implementing proven tactics…and the money will follow.

Business ideas? Everywhere.

Marketing? Magnetic.

Sales? Fearless. Powerful. Fun.

Target market? Zeroed and begging.

Product Delivery? Leveraged and efficient.

Cash flow Cascade.

Clients? Dedicated. Loyal. Powerful.

The Edge is an explosive collective of of men that won’t give up on themselves and are dedicated to having it all.

The vision is large – from tenacious accountability, penetrating relationships, and life changing upgrades in every personal area in the inner arena…to the practical path to creating your own freedom and dream on the marketing, business and sales level.

Being an Edge-Walker means you decide to stop cutting corners and doing things half assed and by yourself.

Doing that go you to where you are.

Joining The Edge is Lasting. Exponential. And the catalyst to you truly having it all in every area of life.

It’s the ultimate leveling up.

(So even if you’re scared to death, a procrastination machine, and already making excuses because you don’t love yourself enough to change…)

If you’re ready to explore the chance for living a life of your greatness…if you’re ready for your own business to bring you REAL freedom…if you’re ready to be proud of how you show up in your relationships…if you’re ready to stop treating your body like garbage…if your ready for a deep sense of fulfillment, purpose and passion every day…

You can start the journey with an in-depth phone call.

I only work with men I know I can help…who are awesome….and determined.

And I only work with a brotherhood of up to 5 men at a time.

The next wave is soon.

Schedule a conversation now to see if it’s the perfect fit for you.