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[Energy + Emotions]

I have some epic stuff planned…but this is relevant to my weekend so I wanted to share.

I don’t know about you – but I tend to have waves of “creative energy”. And not just energy…waves of pronounced positivity – where I’m on top of the world – and then waves of pronounced negativity where I’m in the freaking pits.

This is because emotions tend to follow creative energy for most people. (More on that later).

Can you relate?

This last week I was super positive after I finished The Inner Arena video at 2 AM in the morning. Cloud nine. The video still pumps me up and it only took me a couple hours. 

Friday through Sunday afternoon?

SUCKED. I didn’t get jack done and it didn’t help I had a massive to-do list with deadlines.

I felt stuck. I couldn’t focus, and as time ticked I felt more and more hopeless about the future and myself as a person…you get the picture.

So here is the takeaway.

When we can identify how we leverage energy naturally – we can recognize what is happening in the moment and critique our resulting thoughts/emotions through a different lens.

There are typically three different types of creative energy movements that repeat themselves.

Which are you?

1. A gradual and steady increase of energy to an extreme high – resulting in a sudden cliff drop to an extreme low. Repeat.

2. A gradual wave into maximum energy flow…which gradually ebbs into minimum energy. Usually the “highs” and the “lows” are more moderate.

3. Super fast highs and lows with short periods of time between and not much middle or neutral area.

I’m number 2 naturally. So I can feel the energy/positivity gradually growing while I produce…and I can feel the pit coming on when my energy is ebbing. This means its easy for me to stay focused on a project for 8 hours straight…but inevitably it will catch up to me and I’ll be “lazy” or unproductive later in time.

Now here is where most people make a mistake (especially guys…)

When we start losing energy…or drop…we start berating ourselves or ignoring our “loss” of energy. This eventually drags our emotions along for the ride.

This, in turn, extends our time on the bottom and adds stress and negativity to our mindset.

What’s worse – if you do this for years – you lose tons of self esteem.

Which keeps you trapped on the bottom of the energy wave with negative emotions and limiting beliefs. (More on that in later posts).

So how do we start to escape?

RECOGNIZE that life is ebb and flow. Learn how your creative energy is naturally ebbing and flowing – and start leveraging it. Give yourself permission to have periods outside “the zone” (that are seldom on a schedule…)

As you relax and recognize when you are low (and give yourself permission to be there) – your energy will recover way faster, your emotions won’t follow your energy patterns, you won’t be (as) stressed, and when you start moving up you will be able to maximize the upswing with intensity into results that crush it.

All of nature (even your heart) is about engaging and disengaging. Don’t think of yourself as a robot – you’re not.

To expect robot-hood causes emotional shutdown and negativity about your self esteem.

Give yourself permission to recover.

[Now...the other side of the coin...]

Some of you might struggle with the opposite of being a workaholic. You don’t try and force yourself to stay in the zone for hours on end.

Instead of trending towards too much engagement, you trend towards too much disengagement.

If you think there is any chance it might be you…it is you.

Your path to balance is different – and will probably involve more than what I can cover in this post.

However, a great place to start is recognizing reality.

The rubber hits the road with results. You have to start tracking on paper what you accomplish and don’t accomplish when you are working. If you can’t do this alone – you have get someone to help you with it.

If its not measurable and something you can clearly account for on paper with key metrics – you need to stop mentally fantasizing about work, stop procrastinating, and focus on taking action that achieves a result that can be measured in real world, specific and measurable results.

And no excuses of any kind are allowed – no one will achieve your destiny if you don’t. (I have a great link about the power of taking 100% responsibility coming soon…)

Working with reality (instead of our mind games) is the fastest way to start recognizing the true extent of your problem. Once you recognize there is a real problem, you can start finding solutions.

A word of warning…if you don’t conform to reality soon – the free market will replace you.

[To wrap it up]

Sometimes you have to do work regardless of your creative energy. That goes without being said.

So what about you? Do your emotions follow your energy? Have you given yourself permission to ebb and flow? What does your wave look like?

P.S. I know some of you aren’t readers. Thanks for making it this far. I’ll have video posts soon that might be easier to consume.

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